We use many tools, from sketching, to digital 3D modeling and photo-realistic rendering. Our most important resources are clear communication and excellent client rapport. We design and develop your product into an aesthetically pleasing and viable design that can be prototyped and manufactured.
Prototype and Manufacture
Our team of craftsmen execute and manage prototyping and manufacturing for your product. All workmanship is individually handcrafted by our team, led by our founder and lead craftsman John Smith. We pride ourselves on the ability to maintain your design from concept and throughout the production process.
Are you embarking upon the development of a new product, or product line? Our company focuses on helping bring you the product design that will place you out in front of the competition. We utilize Solidworks ™software to help produce full 3D solid CAD models, 2D detail drawings, and other design services that will help you reach production success.

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